Sunday, April 29, 2012

Poor Hubby:(

So about a year ago Jaden tore everything in his knee jumping on the tramp at our cabin, he thought he was being all tricky and showing off to everyone did this crazy twist flip and came down way wrong, and tore everything. So this last Friday he had to go back in and have his knee scoped because it kept popping out of place when he would play basketball and run on it. The doc. told him it would be an easy in and out process. He gets in there it's worse then he thought he had to repair the meniscus, tighten up his ACL and repair his cartel-edge. Poor Jaden coming out of the anestesia was hilarious. He was yelling his knee hurt which o man i could only imagine. I felt so bad for him!! Doc came and talked to us when he was a little more there. Told us how everything was and went and gave instructions on what to do. Jaden has to be on crutches and no weight baring on his leg for A MONTH!!!! A MONTH how freaking crazy it was not like this at all when he tore everything the first time. Doc wants to make sure it heels correctly if not were going to have to start doing artificial. How terrible does that sound. He absolutely hates his crutches and just wishes he could walk to the bathroom and do things without his crutches. He is on disability right now for work, because they won't let you out where he works with crutches cause your constantly moving and walking up and down stairs going through little spaces. He is getting very restless and bored just sitting at home by himself a lot. I'm working everyday and wish i could be home to help him out and just be with him. I have a feeling it's gonna be a long 4 weeks.:)

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